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Year 6 classes

6A Miss Roddy


Mrs Hilditch/Mrs Ryan

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6A do PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


6B do PE on Mondays and Fridays.



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Useful Websites


Are you looking for a new book to read? Why not try one of these? 

Suggested reading listed for children in Year 6



BBC Bitesize RhymeZone Antonyms and Synonyms
BBC Bitesize is the site to go to for SATs revision. This is the Literacy page. Are you struggling to find a word that rhymes? Click here and this site will help. This game is about antonyms and synonyms. Do you know the difference?
Game Goo Spelling City  
.Game Goo is a site full of Literacy games. Have fun here! Try out the free activities on the Spelling City website.   


BBC Bitesize Nrich  Sumdog
BBC Bitesize is the site to go to for SATs revision. This is a great website for maths puzzles  Here's the Sumdog website.
Use the interactive maths activities to practise.    
General Science
Children's University Engineering Interact  BBC Terrific Scientific
This site contains loads of fun facts, resources and games to do with many areas of science (made by the University of  Manchester) This site contains lots of fun games and animations to do with a variety of science topics (made by the University of Cambridge)  Click here to go to the Terrific Scientific website to find out how the results of our experiments compare to other schools around the country.


BBC Science Clips BBC Bitesize Hwb Circuits 
The BBC Science Clips site is always a good place to start your research in Science. It contains useful information about all of the topics we study. The BBC Bitesize site is a good place to do some Science revision. Try to do all of the tests on there!  Use this website to practise making circuits.
Blobz Electrical Circuits Hyper Staffs Electro Bot  Learning Circuits
The Blobz website is a great revision guide for electricity and it has some nice little activities to test your understanding. Help Elvis the Electro-bot repair his spaceship by using your knowledge of electricity and circuits.  The Learning Circuits website is another great place to learn about circuits.
Electronics Club Deadly 60 Electric Animals  
The Electronics Club has lots of information about the various circuit symbols.  Steve Backshall's Deadly 60 inspired electricity activity is here!  

Evolution and Inheritance

Extinction What is a fossil? Natural History Museum
Find out about extinction here. Find out about fossils here.  The Natural History Museum website has a great set of pictures showing how fossils are formed.
 Are you smarter than a plant?  Planet Science  Evolution and Inheritance on BBC Bitesize
 Find out whether you are smarter than a plant by playing this game.  Here's some more information about fossils. Watch the explanatory video.  There are loads of videos about Evolution and Inheritance on the BBC Bitesize website.
Who was Charles Darwin?  Dog Breeding Game  Who Wants To Live A Million Years?
Find out about Charles Darwin by clicking here.  It's pretty tricky this one! It's a bit like the Dog Top Trumps that we did in class but it contains a bit more detail about the genetics. Challenging and fun! Here's the game in which you have to try to create an animal that will survive for 1000000 years. Which traits will survive?



Mini Vinnies Stations of the Cross  
Here is the Mini Vinnies website. Are there any good ideas on the site for us? Find out more about the meanings of each of the stations of the cross here.  
Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age
BBC Bitesize Prehistory



Woodlands Web Snowdonia  Top Ten Mountains List 
The Woodlands Junior School website is a useful starting place and contains a helpful glossary.  What do you know about Snowdonia? Find out more about the national park in North Wales here.  Here is a list of the ten tallest mountains in the world. Could you locate them on a map?
How are mountains formed? Mountain Building  Mountain Weather Information Service
Watch videos about how mountains are formed here. There are some spectacular scenes!  This video from the History Channel explains how mountains are formed.  Here's the weather forecast for Snowdonia. How is it different to Ellesmere Port today? 
What to do in the mountains Mountain Rescue in the Pyrenees  Tourism in the Pyrenees
What do people do in the mountains? Find out things you can do in Snowdonia here. What is life like for the mountain rescue team in St. Lary, a popular ski resort in the Pyrenees? Watch this video to find out. Here's another video from St. Lary. It's about tourism in the village. 
Min y Don Barmouth   
The official Min y Don website.  Find out about Barmouth, the nearest town to Min-y-Don, here. What is the weather like there?   
World War I
The Front Line   Facts about WWI World War I Poetry 

 What was life like on the front line? Find out on this BBC website.

 Some facts and information about World War I  This page from Oxford University is aimed at Key Stage 3 children but there are some really interesting articles on it.
 World War I timeline Animated map of the war   The Great War Visual History
 Use this interactive timeline to find out the causes of the war and to find out important events during the war.  Click on the image above to see an animation of the progress of The Great War.  This American website contains videos and articles about the war.
Crossing The White Line First World War National Archives  World War One Diary Entries 
The Crossing The White Line website, which we use in class, tells the story of Walter Tull. Find out more here.  The National Archives website contains digital versions of real World War I diaries and other World War I records. It's well worth a look! The World War One Movies page from the BBC is an excellent place to find out about life in the trenches. 
Think U Know Scratch 
Do you think you know about e-safety? Check it out here.  Download Scratch from here.